Information on the ingredient
What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic is a natural organic compound present in joint fluid. It gives the lubricating properties to ensure soft movement of the joint, with no friction

How Does the oral supplement with Hyal-Joint work?

In vitro test point out potential mechanisms of action:
1.- stimulation of endogenous synthesis of AH ("improvement of joint fluid properties")
2.- reduction of inflammation
In vivo studies: oral supplementation might improve the functional capacity and also bodily pain, and also might improve the quality of the synovial fluid sine concentration of HA in synovial fluid is increased after the treatment

How does Hyal-Joint differ from Fermented Hyaluronic acid?

Main difference is that Hyal-joint is extracted from natural resources and fermented product is synthesized by biotechnology using a genetically modified organism
The impurities profile is different and also the molecular weight (typically fermented AH has a much higher molecular weight).

On the other hand, Hyal-Joint is a proprietary extract that contains mainly Hialuronate but also contains other glycosaminoglycans (organic compounds from the same family that according to recent research also have an important role in joint health) while fermentation AH only contains AH.

In terms of efficacy, we did an in vitro test proving that Hyal-joint is from 2 to 4 times more active than fermentation HA in the stimulation the synthesis of endogenous AH (meaning stimulation the body cells to produce more AH and improve concentration and viscous properties of joint fluid)

When is it recommended

For people that has joint discomfort and needs/wants to supplement their diet with specific products to help keeping a physical active life

It can be presented as an stand alone product: specifically to support Joint Mobility
It can be in combination with Glucosamine and Chondroitin: a treatment for the whole joint

Supplements for Joint Health


80mg/day is dose tested in the clinical trial to promote Joint Health when there is joint discomfort
40mg/day is the recommended dosage to nourish Joint synovial fluid to maintain health joint function

How Does it effect skin?

Bioiberica has not done research in this field, but Hialuronate has strong power to attract water, therefore acts as a moisturizing.

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