Established in 1975, Bioiberica has pioneered advancements in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements that has led to the development of a global business in over 40 countries around the world.

Dedicated to research, the company has established itself as one of the most prestigious names in the industry for top quality active ingredients materials that are backed by science.

Bioiberica has become a recognized leader in joint health. Developing effective and innovative ingredients and offering an extensive collection of joint health molecules the company supplies some of the most effective ingredients available today.

Leading the development in Chondroprotection, a new therapeutic field within joint health that includes all the therapies intended to delay, stabilize and repair cartilage injuries. Bioiberica has also engaged in advanced cartilage research, scientific studies and large-scale joint health clinical trials.

Bioiberica Joint Care has developed two product lines; Bio-Active and Nutri-Joint, which have helped millions of people and cover all market segments, offering a complete joint-health plan derived from extensive scientific research and clinical trials.

The leading pharmaceutical, veterinarian and nutritional supplement companies worldwide rely on Bio-Active and Nutri-Joint ingredients and Bioiberica´s expertise to launch a variety of successful brands.

Given the fact that 25% of the population is affected by some kind of joint problem, Bioiberica´s Joint Care ingredient portfolio and continuous development of promising molecules has contributed to improving manufactured joint products and, the quality of life for millions of affected consumers.

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